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Wisdom Tooth Extraction Near You

Why Do Wisdom Teeth Need to be Extracted?

Since your wisdom teeth are typically the last teeth to develop in your mouth,
sometimes there is just not enough room to accommodate them. Wisdom teeth extractions become necessary when they are impeded from erupting or coming through the gum properly into the mouth, this can result in pain, cavities, teeth crowding or even gum infections.

Sometimes Wisdom Teeth can develop and grow laying on their side, causing significant problems in your mouth. This is known as Impacted Wisdom Teeth. Impacted Wisdom Teeth can cause pain, swelling, discomfort and gum infection. Early wisdom tooth extractions near you can avoid future problems and potential costly surgical procedures. We offer sedation dentistry during your wisdom teeth extraction to increase your comfort level and help you reach a deeper level of relaxation.

wisdom tooth extractions in nw calgary

How do I know if my Wisdom Teeth need to be Removed?

Wisdom tooth extractions near you are not always necessary. In some cases, there is sufficient room, and wisdom teeth are able to erupt and function normally. In other cases, they remain under the gum and are unlikely to erupt. And still, in other cases, the wisdom teeth never develop. The most common wisdom tooth condition that can cause issues is that when they only erupt or come through the gum partially in the mouth. The main risk that this may pose is the potential for infection between the overhanging gum tissue and the tooth itself. Wisdom teeth that grow laying on their side, can cause infection of surrounding gum and jawbone and damage to the adjacent second molar teeth. If there is not going to be adequate space, we recommend getting wisdom tooth extractions near you early to avoid future problems and to avoid potential consult surgical procedures. If you’re unsure as to when you should get your wisdom teeth removed, please contact us, and we’ll be more than happy to help you. For your convenience, we offer wisdom tooth extractions near you and complimentary consultations.

Do I need to replace my tooth once it is removed?

It depends. Some teeth are essential for function or aesthetics. For example, the first molar tooth is very important for chewing, so not replacing could result in tooth drift and unbalanced bite. To ensure no surprises down the road, this is an issue that is addressed by your dentist before getting wisdom tooth extractions near you.

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