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Teeth Whitening Near You

Have you ever thought about getting teeth whitening? How you feel about your smile is important. Everyone responds well to a white, bright smile. Unfortunately, things we love to indulge in, such as tea, cola, coffee, and red wine, can cause staining on our teeth.

Achieving a radiant smile may be simpler than you think. Sandstone Dental is happy to offer teeth whitening near you. Patients can either take home custom-made whitening kits or get their teeth whitening done right in our clinic. Having a beautiful smile has never been easier!

teeth whitening in nw calgary

What is the Teeth Whitening Process?

When you opt for teeth whitening near you, our team at Sandstone Dental will begin by taking impressions of your teeth to manufacture your custom-made whitening trays. We will then provide you with a safe and effective whitening agent to place into the trays. You will only have to wear your trays for sixty minutes per day for about two weeks to see results!

Visit our dentistry to experience professional teeth whitening in NW Calgary. Look forward to see you soon!

What Are the Advantages of Teeth Whitening?

Teeth whitening is effective at correcting brown, yellow, and spotted tooth discoloration. Tooth discoloration can be caused by staining from dark-colored substances, chemical damage to teeth, or aging. Our team can offer a safe whitening method to provide our patients with a brilliant smile using the most up-to-date whitening technology.

Teeth whitening may not be right for every patient, but our team at Sandstone Dental is happy to provide many cosmetic dentistry options to help you achieve the radiant and healthy smiles of your dreams. In cases of extreme tooth discoloration, alternative options may include dental veneers, dental crowns, or cosmetic bonding.

Call Sandstone Dental today at (403) 275-3131 to set up your free cosmetic consultation and begin the Teeth Whitening road to a whiter brighter smile!

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