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Medical Detox Beverly Hills

Medical Detox Beverly Hills

90210 Recovery is a leading treatment facility for medical detox in Beverly Hills. We offer unsurpassable addiction and substance abuse treatment in Beverly Hills under the watch of our highly skilled and compassionate staff team.

Difference between medical detox and traditional detox

Traditional detox involves the use of a specific diet or special products to cleanse your body of toxins. Traditional detox helps improve health, wellbeing, and promotes weight loss. Medical detox, on the other hand, is exclusively for patients suffering from a moderate-to-severe addiction problem. This procedure requires certain medications to remove toxins caused by excessive and long-term alcohol/drug use. It helps minimize the withdrawal symptoms and aids in a safe and pain-free recovery from addiction.

At our rehab, our Beverly Hills alcohol use therapist will provide you with round-the-clock medical care and supervision during the detox process to manage medical emergencies and adverse withdrawal symptoms, if any.

Benefits of the medical detox program

Medical detox is a core part of the recovery process. Here is some info on how our detoxification treatment works:

  • We create a customized detox plan after a thorough analysis of your physical and mental health conditions. This allows us to administer a series of drugs in the right dosage to minimize your withdrawal symptoms.
  • The entire detox process can take anywhere from 5-10 days, during which our team of experienced RNs and physicians will monitor you 24/7 for medical emergencies, suicidal/self-harming behaviors, etc.
  • During detox, we will also engage you in counseling sessions with the mental health therapists at our Beverly Hills drug rehabilitation center to prepare you for sustainable sobriety.

Besides, our Beverly Hills CA rehab center will provide you with a safe, serene, and supportive environment with comfortable accommodations. Being among the leading Beverly Hills alcohol use treatment centers, we offer a whole array of luxury amenities that will reduce your discomfort and pain during the detox process.

Who needs medical detox?

Anyone with an excessive drinking or severe drug abuse problem needs medical detox to flush out the toxic remains from their body. Medical detox acts as the preparatory stage in the addiction treatment process and helps minimize the severity of the withdrawal symptoms. Individuals with a long-term addiction problem can overcome the unpleasant and challenging withdrawal phase in a pain-free, calm, and composed manner.

It also helps minimize the symptoms of your co-occurring mental health issues such as anxiety, insomnia, hallucinations, loss of appetite, etc., by correcting the chemical imbalances in your brain. It is a safe and proven method that helps recovering addicts attain a safe and speedy recovery from their alcohol/substance abuse disorder.

Visit our website now or call 844-462-8571 to speak to one of us at 90210 Recovery. We offer the best medical detox in Beverly Hills with continuous medical care, customized treatments, in a state-of-the-art facility. Make the call now to get started on a liberating journey towards sobriety!

Medical Detox Beverly Hills
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