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Calgary Emergency Dental Care

Calgary Emergency Dental Care

Swollen or bleeding gums, extreme pain in the jawline, worst-case scenario, a tooth loss, and dental emergencies can arise anytime, leaving you in severe pain and misery. Taking a dental emergency for granted can cause a severe threat to your life. Your mouth is a gateway to your inner health, and leaving your dental issues untreated is not a wise decision, even if you feel anxious and nervous at the sound of a dental clinic. In case you require emergency dental services in Calgary, then Pathways Dental Clinic is ready to provide you with instant emergency aid. We are a well-known emergency dental clinic in Calgary, AB covering all the dental related treatments. We know just how to give our patients the best dental services, even if it is an emergency case.


We are well-known worldwide as the best Calgary emergency dental care because we are always ready to help our regular and non-regular patients. Either you have swollen gum or just lost your teeth; we know how to fix any emergency problems using our specialized techniques. Here is a list of services that we render in our emergency dental care in Calgary:

  • Toothache that you tried to alleviate with pain killers.
  • Facial swelling.
  • A gum infection.
  • Severe unbearable pain in your teeth.
  • Constant Bleeding from gums.
  • Cracked or broken teeth.
  • Chipped tooth.
  • Cavity filling.
  • A sudden injury causing you to lose your precious teeth.
  • If you are feeling sensitive to hot and cold things.

We know just how to deal with any dental emergency right away. Our skilled emergency dentist in Calgary can fix your broken tooth the same day, even if you don't have a prior appointment. Our dentist has the unsurpassed ability to restore your lost tooth. We will give you the necessary medications and will perform X-rays before proceeding with further treatment.

You will find our emergency department equipped with the latest technology and our team skilled in dealing with emergency dental care. Other than providing emergency services, we also offer all treatments related to your teeth. From cosmetic dentistry to general and pediatric dentistry, we always welcome our patients with a smile. We aim to reduce your pain and give you perfectly healthy teeth.

Treating yourself at Pathways Dental clinic will benefit you in the following way:

  • You can book an emergency appointment through our online page.

  • We are even available 24 hours a day and seven days a week.

  • Our dentist follows the 2020 Alberta Dental Fee Guide.

  • We can treat all your family members of all ages.

  • Our staff spoke multiple languages, including English, Korean, Filipino, Spanish, and French. Hence, making us capable of communicating with all our different patients.

  • We offer high-quality dental services in a very reasonable price range.

The next time you need emergency dental care in Calgary Ab, visit our dental clinic's friendly environment and get the best possible treatment for your teeth problems. In case of an emergency, contact Pathways Dental Clinic at 587-329-3511.

Calgary Emergency Dental Care

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