holiday dental care tips

Enjoy the season but don’t take a holiday from your dental care routine. The holidays are fun but busy. You don’t want to add an emergency trip to the dentist to your list. And your dentist doesn’t want you to experience issues with your teeth either. Keep your teeth healthy this holiday by remembering these dental care tips:

  1. Carry a portable oral hygiene kit. Always have a toothbrush and floss with you. Holiday parties might keep you out later than expected, and you don’t want to wait until you get home to clean sticky food and drink residue from your teeth. The longer the residue lingers, the more damaging the effects. Saliva and mouthwash won’t be enough to wash it away. There’s no substitute for brushing and flossing.
  2. Refrain from constant snacking. The holidays will not be complete without sweets, especially for the little ones. If your sweet tooth can’t resist these treats, ensure you’re not skipping meals. This ensures you minimize your intake of sugary snacks since you’re already full from your meal. Constant snacking throughout the day will make your teeth more susceptible to tooth decay.
  3. Nibble on cheese. If you can’t help but drink sugared beverages, try to eat cheese in between. Rich in calcium, cheese is great for teeth. It’s not a natural tooth cleanser, but cheese can help neutralize acids found in beverages and prevent them from damaging the tooth enamel.
  4. Drink plenty of water. Stay hydrated on hectic days. Make water your best friend this holiday season. This beverage is the safest option for your teeth and your overall health too. Go ahead, bring your own water bottle with you as you go out and about.
  5. Use your teeth only for eating. Avoid using your teeth to open packets, bottles, or packages. Do your mouth a favour by keeping your scissors and bottle openers handy. If you use your teeth as a substitute for one of these tools, they could chip and break. It may also lead to cuts in your mouth, injuries, and jaw issues.
  6. Maintain your scheduled dental appointments. Keep up with your dental hygiene appointments. Take this opportunity to ask about their practice hours during the holidays. If they will be closed, ask if they can recommend another office that you can go to in case of emergencies. If you’re leaving home for vacation, remember to pack your oral hygiene kit along with medications to help ease toothache. Request a prescription from your dentist and more dental care tips, if needed.
  7. Make your next dentist appointments. Book your dentist appointments soon after the holiday season as possible. The popular times get filled fast, so you might want to secure a slot for you and your loved ones. The holiday season itself may be too busy for you so it’ll help to set appointments in advance.

It’ll be hard to avoid all the sweets during the holidays. But your teeth need not pay the price for it. As long as you’re staying committed to your oral hygiene routine, you’ll get to keep your smile healthy.